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Who the heck?

Who was that who friended me and why did they and why should I care?

First: Just little ol' me.

Second: Because I do everything therinth says I should, don't you?

Finally, you really shouldn't. I'm harmless, and I know where all the good scotch is. What else is there to know?

(For all my old friends, I just friended a few folks based on a posting from the above mentioned therinth, I figured they might wonder who was friending them, thus this post!)
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November Surprise

I've been doing contract work for a new company for a little less then 6 months now. Great pay, good company, and enjoyable work.

The offered me a permanent position, we came to terms and I'll be starting next Monday as the Sr System Administrator for Build Services in Phoenix with Ebay.

Good pay, good people, I've enjoyed the work for 6 months and will be basically continuing the same job, but best of all - Benefits!

Sick Days
Stock Options
Free Soda Machine (and coffee and tea)
and I won't have to go looking for a new contract every 6-12 months!

Sunday night they will fly me out to San Jose, California (company headquarters) for orientation and training. I'll be there until Thursday catch an evening flight home and run up to Flagstaff to bring Herself, That Beagle, and The Cute Belle Dog down for a agility trial on Friday. (This is why I'm not planning on working out Friday) I'll be staying at a nice hotel, which is supposed to have a full exercise room, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to keep my workouts going while I'm there. (BTW - hotel gym fees are reimbursable expenses!)

The other days off I'll be taking are Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday when I do the same traveling dog show routine for a show in Buckeye (SW Phoenix for those that don't know it).

Funny thing, the Buckeye show used to be held in Paradise Valley Park, about 20 minutes from where I am now, and was one of the reasons I picked this place. Murphy had to step in and get them to move the show though, in Buckeye it's about an hour away :P

Oh well that's life!

Nearly forgot!

25 2800

127 13600

These numbers are starting to get respectible.

When did I start this thing? Last Tuesday, the 15th. Ok tomorrow I'll explain what the big mystery is.

A hint, it involves a new toy!

That's all folks!
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Saturdays Mystery Post

21 2400

102 10800

Yes it's not Sunday, I had friends over Friday night and Saturday we spent the whole day cooking staff meals for Coppercon (if you're local to Phoenix, and in town that weekend- Sept 1-4th stop in the staff lounge, ask for Janet and see if you can try my Lentils and Rice w/Tuna or L&R w/Chicken. I did a batch with no meat at all too if you're feeling majorly vegetarian. The samples we tasted were good, but it's always nice to hear from someone else.)

Today I rested, that was more or less on purpose. Hopefully I'll be back on the numbers tomorrow.