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Jan. 11th, 2007 @ 06:36 am Disappearedness (and numbers)
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Where'd I go?

My last post was Tuesday, Jan 2nd.

Wednesday I decided to start posting the days numbers on the following day. Thursday I stopped by at DarkCon to help cardigirl unload her stuff for the art show there and got home late, but squeezed in a quick workout.

Friday turned out to be one of those terrible busy days that blur into oblivion. I was so glad to get to sleep before midnight I didn't even realise I hadn't posted.

Saturday morning I was up before dawn to catch up with some friends for breakfast, then went to DarkCon and caught a couple of panels. I had house chores to do, so I snuck off to do them and grab some lunch. Little did I know an ambush was waiting for me - that damnable cold/flu bug thats going around.

I went from fine at 1PM to Sick as a Dog at 4PM. Crawled into a hole and pulled the hole in after me. Even to the point of missing work Monday!

Got back to work Tuesday, but more or less decided to skip Tuesday's workout as I was just too wiped out. Proof of that is that I couldn't do more thn 20 minutes last night.

So I'll skip the whole numbers roll out for those days and just give you the total through last night.

I am going to start posting the days numbers on the following day though. That way if I decide on a late night stroll, those steps will also be counted :)

For the month:
120 17800 28900

That puts me about 20 minutes off a decent pace, but there's still lots of time to make it up (and when healthy I know I can add 20 minutes on to any given day so I'm not fretting it)

If you're not taking Ech or something for colds, consider it, this looks like a bad season.
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