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John Vanible (Jr.) Seriously Ill in Brooklyn NY.

I'm still not used to posting on my LJ, on the 20th I got this email from Ira Donewitz:

Dear Friends,

John Vanible (Jr.) had a massive stroke a little over a week ago and
is now in Wyckoff Hospital in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  The frightening
word is "massive."

JV is in a coma. He's in the critical care unit. The Hospital won't
provide any further details to the general public.

I talked to his sister on the phone. Swelling brain and brain stem,
lung damage and liver damage. The family is talking about taking him
off the respirator. She said, I should "Come to say good bye."
Shudders and chills and much sadness from me.

It is hard to know who knows who in Fandom, but John was known by a
lot of people and considered a friend.

<email information removed>

Love and friendship,


Visiting hours are 6 am to 10 pm.  It's the 10th floor CCU.  Full
address of the hospital is: Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, 374
Stockholm Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237;  718-963-7272.  It's close to
theDeKalb Avenue station on the L train (NOT the DeKalb Avenue station
on the B/D/M/N/Q/R/W trains!).  Just ask anyone where the hospital is,
if you walk more than 1 block and don't see it, turn around. The
hospital is 1 short block away from the train station on Wyckoff (and
corner of Stockholm).

*** End message ***

Very bad news, and todays update is not any better:

As of Thursday evening, I have been informed that John's condition
remains unchanged--ventilator dependent and comatose with full life
support but stable enough to be transferred to a less critical floor
of the hospital, the chronic ventilator unit. Visits by his friends
are encouraged for short periods esp. if you just talk to him or read
to him. He may hear you.

He is in Wyckoff Medical Center, 374 Stockholm St., Brooklyn, NY.
718-963-7272     This hospital is accessible from the L subway train
at the DeKalb Ave. stop which is not the same as the Dekalb Ave stop
from a bunch of other subway trains. The hospital is one block from
the exit.
John's family as far as I know consists of his mother, elderly father,
and a sister. There are nieces and nephews and cousins but do not know
how many or where they are. We are his family--the fannish community
and his friends from all over. How many times has he been there to
help us? Now he needs our help. Visiting and speaking or reading to
John requires very little effort or expense but may help him recover
if it is his fate. Any support or help anyone of us can give his
family even if it is just visiting him when they cannot be there might

Please tell anyone of John's friends if they already do not know.
Please forward this to appropriate lists also

** End Message **

I'm a bit overcome by all this, John is one of many people I've known
and worked with in Fandom without really getting to know them.

If you are in the area and have a few minutes, please consider
stopping in and talking to John.



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