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First post of the new year!

Here's what I did last year!

(Snurched from jaylake with some modifications. This is supposed to be the first line I posted every month, but I found it necessary to include the posting title, in parens after the line and in some cases a short explaination, in italics on the following line)

Most of you will have heard of this already, just in case you haven't Please check it out. (Major Threat to Windows PCs)
about another hole in Microsoft Windows

A friend of mine sent me a joke email about a refresher course for folks that think they know everything. (Things everyone should know)

Am I really old when I say I remember that show? (The Name of the Game)

Hippo birdie to dontshootthecat (Hippo's and Birdies)

Just did my timesheet for this week, 86 hours! (RUDE Word!)

Wednesday night. (Well that was interesting)
recap of the previous long weekend

The icon could be smaller ... (Ha!)
it's the Live Trumps Meme

Hippo Birdies to terri_osborne (Jumping on the Happy Birthday Bandwagon)
That was also one of my first mystery posts, that became my exercise numbers

Nice drive out, nothing scary happened and that's always good. (Hello from NM)

Early last month I decided to let the spam in my gmail account build up and see how much I got in a month. see it here! (Spam count for September)

Snurched from kristine_smith (But I don't sound anything like that!)
The American accent meme

A wonderful Happy day to lrcutter (Happy Birthday!)

So what have I learned? I give out a lot of happy birthday wishes. I will no longer start posts with "snurched from ..." but instead something descriptive (see the beginning of this post for instance)

Kind of neat to go back and review, but getting reminded of the 86 hour week! yuch!

Prediction for next year, A lot of my months will start with something number related!
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