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Dec. 28th, 2006 @ 05:59 am another catch up posting for numbers
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Looks like the last one I did was on the 23rd, without the pedometer numbers so I'll repeat that one to finish it up
20 2800 8200
0 0 8500 (Christmas eve)
0 0 8700 (Christmas Day, not bad for just running around opening prez)
20 2700 6800 (twisted my leg practicing agility with JL - yes the whole leg, so I slacked off here)
30 4400 15900 (This is the day I'm actually feeling my twisted leg, good thing I remembered to take my Ibu - Oh wait, D-Oh! The ped numbers are so high because we got a truck load of servers in and had to get them uncrated and into inventory before the end of the month. That meant by today but why put it off when folks are looking at leaving early if possible).

I will take my Ibu today! Honest!

625 87900 176800

I should blow past 640 minutes this evening and I think that's it for the month. I'll keep the walking up as high as I can (shooting for 10K steps of course).

Now it's work time. Have a good day all!
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Date:December 29th, 2006 04:50 pm (UTC)
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The first number is how many minutes I spent that day on the exercise machine (Nordictrak Elliptical trainer normally, but if I'm traveling that might vary)

The next is the number of steps that I did in that workout. 133 per minute is my baseline. I like to do better thn that if possible.

The last number is the total number of steps on my pedometer for the day. There's the whole 10K steps a day is good for you thing behind that. I only recently found out that they don't have to be aerobic steps, just getting off my butt and walking is enough so I'm more willing to post those steps too.

That reminds me, I need to go test the pedometer (I'll walk ~100 steps and count them, checking it before and after) my SO has called into question the steps from Christmas. Frankly I was wondering about them too, so it's time to test the box. When the battery goes low it starts acting crazy, and I've found that it just wears out after a year or two.

Time to walk the floor :)