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Catch up numbers

So let's see, Sunday was the last exercise post I did. Bad 'Gus, Bad!

On the plus side, I've been keeping up pretty well, so here's the catch up numbers

No workout, but I did 9900 steps (yeah, I'm kicking myself for not parking 50 steps farther from the office!)

30 4200 5800

Wednesday (Does anyone beside me remember how to spell this by pronouncing it Wed-Nes-Day as they type?)
45 6300 6300

Thursday (that would be today)
45 6500 4400

My totals for the month are
492 69000 124100

Sunday Coming (Christmas Eve) and Monday (Christmas Day) I'll be in Flagstaff, hopefully enjoying a white Christmas. So I'm not expecting to get much in the way of numbers for those two days. I'm off work Tuesday (Boxing Day?), so it's possible that I'll get a workout in if the trip home isn't too horrendous.

Oh Saturday! Instead of my normal modus of heading to Flagstaff after work Friday, I'm staying in town until Saturday AM. (I'm on call this week and don't go off call until 7AM Saturday so ...) That means I'll be able to get an AM workout in Saturday before I head north.

So Woot for me!
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