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Yow! A weekend post on Thursday

Where has the week gone?

Let me get the big news from this weekend up before the rest of it vanishes.

I've been running Agility with Jean Luc Picardigan since spring and while I've had a lot of fun, our results have been, well really about what you'd expect from a novice handler with a seasoned but literal dog (of course he went off course, I told him to when I did this subtle thing that I've learning not to do)

Saturday and Sunday we ran Jumpers With Weaves at Paradise Valley Park, in Phoenix. This was the first time I've run both days, I'd only been running one day so that we wouldn't have to wait for me to finish before heading home (Novice run last, so there's a chance that we could get home very late.)

Saturday's course was very challenging. Lots of direction changes, where you have to get to the other side of your dog to handle him properly and they threw in a tunnel! (Tunnel? This is Jumpers With Weaves! What's with the Tunnel?) Tunnels are in the allowed equipment though, I'd just not seen one in long enough that I was a little surprised by it.

Not Jean Luc though, he knew just what to do.

My stumbling point, or maybe our stumble, came when the course doubled back nearly to the start and then right in front of the scorer's table (and the ring exit) it reversed direction again. Good old JL saw the folks sitting there and figured he was done, so he started lopping towards them. I was calling him to come to the next jump, but he was a little confused and so he didn't respond. Finally I went to him, calling and got his attention back and we finished the course, but the cost was time. We were ten seconds over the recommended time in an otherwise clean run. So close.

But I was happy with the run and there was still Sunday. So we packed up and headed home to rest up for the next day.

Something Sunday made me go check the official results, that's when I was reminded of a simple fact, the penalty for time to a novice is only 1 point per second, and you only need an 85 to qualify! We Q'd! And he got Second Place!

Definitely made my weekend!

Sunday I tried some new warm up routines for JL and he really responded to them, he was raring to go and much speedier then Saturday.

The course for Sunday wasn't quite as difficult, but at one point in the switch backs I got lost and looked at the wrong jump and just like a shot JL was over the wrong jump. (A wrong course is an elimination) I got him back and finished the course in good time, but no Q for Sunday.

Still, we got our First Q!

There's always at least one Professional Photographer at the trials, so I was able to get some shots of our run, below the cut is one Happy Dog!

Jean Luc Jump
Jean Luc Fly

Pictures by Patty Davis of Grand Images
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