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President Bush Admits Health Failing

How much longer does he have to live?

In a press conference yesterday morning, President G. W. Bush revealed that his hearing had become impaired and he knew his days on this earth were drawing to an end.

During a routine question and answer session after giving a prepared speech to the press, the failing President complained of being unable to hear the questions and whined bitterly about "getting old."

The reporter asking the question expressed sympathy and Bush snivelled that "... you don't understand."

Surely with The Deciderer's health failing as rapidly as it now appears, the Democrats must waste no time in impeaching the true evil behind this pathetic and broken old man, Dick "The Butcher" Cheney.

Time is surely running out for the criminal Bush junta, with the only question becoming, will Shrub go out with a blaze of infamy or will fear of his personal best friend and god's final judgment cause a bedside confession of his crimes as he attempts to repent.
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