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Weekend Numbers

Actually this goes back to Thursday, I when I went to Flagstaff to gather up SO and our dogs for an Agility Trial down here in Phoenix. The trial deserves it's own rock, look for that later Monday.

0 0 6000
(no time for a regular workout, I did what I could with extra walking though)

30 4300 6300
(Since I was back at home by evening, I was able to get in a decent workout, on top of the walking I did setting up for the trail and what have you.)

0 0 6700
(no workout, I was running Agility with Jean-Luc though, so that's to the good)

45 6400 3700
(I actually wonder if the pedometer got it all. I did set up, and helped out at the trial. At least I got in 45 minutes on the elliptical)

Totals so far:
372 52000 97700
Tags: exercise

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