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A Tale of Three Days, two with numbers

So where was I? Goofin' off

I did get a workout in Saturday, I took Sunday off and today was be a light one (up way to late last night), so here's what we've got:

30 4100 9000
0 0 2500
Monday (that would be today for those not paying attention)
20 2800 4600

I haven't set any goals for the month, I think I may just keep it loose and see what happens. I'll not take more thn one day off a week (see Sunday) and when I'm away from my equipment for more thn a day (like at Christmas later this month) I'll get in at least 3 miles of walking (6000 steps).

Let's see what happens to my numbers with that plan and compare them to the totals for the last couple of months.
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