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But first, the numbers

20 2800

759 99400

As I feared, I had no internet access this weekend, but I did get in some walking

Thursday, I practiced agility with John Luc and did over 5000 steps for the day (that's 2.5 miles if you're counting, not too bad for a day off)
Friday was packing, driving to the trial and then unpacking, so I did 8500 steps, over 4 miles.
Saturday, I went for a walk during a slow point in the trial, so I was able to push it up to 9982 steps (If I'd know I was that close to 10K, I'd have walked around the grounds once more!)
and today, with packing up and leaving, I did 6600 steps in addition to the numbers above.

So I haven't been slacking off, even though I'm not adding those numbers to my totals for the month, but I will mention that I walked about 14 miles this four day weekend.

Time for a shower, and maybe some dinner?
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