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Soon a Con Report, but for now OW!

So as many of you know I was in Boston attending Noreascon4 (The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention) last week and did some things and saw some folks and even took some pictures.

But before I do that, I want to whine about my day yesterday.

I got up early to get a more then full day in, and gathered all my stuff up for work.Got into the car, the dash lights come on (normal) and turn the key, click click, click, the dash lights go out! (not normal).

So the really great thing about having a Mercedes is that you're never stranded. I call the 24 service line, and they say a guy will call me back in 15 minutes to discuss the problem. So I head upstairs, call into work and say I'll be late and make some tea while I wait.

Sure enough he calls back when he's supposed to and tells me he's working another job, can I wait for an hour? (If I'd said no, they'd have called a tow truck for me.) That's ok with me though so we're on. I take my copy of Staying Dead down to the car and read for a bit.

The Tech shows up on time, listens for a minute and gives me the bad news I expected, the Battery isn't covered under warranty (it's a 2000 model year, and batteries are expendable). The good news is that cost for a new one installed it $139 and he's got on in the back of his truck. We're in business in about 10 minutes.

Now to reset the radio, which is one of those anti-theft ones that needs have a security code entered to work once it's removed from the vehicle or if the power goes off. The tech uses two thin keys to pull the unit from the dashboard and call in the serial number, which I help by writing it down.

As he's leaving I go to close the passenger side door and notice that he's left his radio keys on my seat, I call to him and try and stop the door from closing at the same time. Try being the operative word. My thumb gets caught between the door and jamb! OW! Mercedes doors are Very Tight too! OW OW!

It's not too bad today, one of those deep bruises, doesn't hurt to touch, just to put pressure on.

Such is life!

I think this weekend I'll go up to the Blue Ridge and see the leaves, maybe I'll even have pictures!

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