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On Any Given Sunday

I might just hit 60 minutes, and in fact I did

60 8025

648 84400

Yes, I pushed on for the extra 25 steps to round out the numbers, I guess next week I've got to get in 2 extra minutes to round that one out too.

60 8000 is a big milestone for me, In theory if I could have done 15 minutes more today at that pace, I'd hit the magic 10K steps aerobic in a single day... Funny, I've been talking about the whole 10K thing for a while, and hearing it from other sources, this is the first time I went and googled it. It seems that most of the top hit sites aren't talking about 10K aerobic steps (generally it's counted as aerobic if your heart rate climbs to a given point and stays there for 10 minutes or more, some sources say 20 minutes), they're just talking about making your total steps for the day hit 10K.

Hell I've been doing that for a while!

10K steps is about 5 miles, most active people do 2-3 miles a day, so the goal is to double what they normally do. The sites talk about just adding 30 minutes of activity each day. This is where I've been confused and discouraged in the past.

If they were talking about doing 10K in just 30 minutes, then 5 miles in 30 minutes is a 6 minute mile. It's been over 30 years since I was able to do a 6 minute mile, and considering the damage that did to my knees, I don't think it should be my goal now. 6 minute miles aren't a walking pace for anyone I know. 12 minutes (or 60 minutes to do 5 miles) was a reachable long term goal, and that's mine, long term mind you. As in maybe by this time Next year.

But what's cool is that I just did four 15 minute miles, and I might just be able to do 5 of them consecutively in the near future. (For those of you concerned about my health, I do watch my heart rate, and if, no when it gets too high, I get off the machine and cool down by pacing the floor for 5 minutes or so. It adds to the workout, but I don't appreciate the irony of having a heart attack while working out so I'll live with it.)

I've been wearing a pedometer pretty faithfully for two years now (Christmas present from a Very Special Friend), I think next month, I might add a third number to the listing

Total steps walked for the day. To be accurate, I'll have to do my posting the day after, but I'm pretty much doing that now anyway so :)

The great thing about this plan, I'll be able to have real numbers for every day I get out of the house (the pedometer isn't accurate if I'm just running up and down stairs at home cleaning or something. It will generally show 0 steps, or some other very small number when I'm going up and down stairs).

I'd already planned on doing basically that when I was away over Thanksgiving weekend, but now I think to keep the totals pure, I'll post them (if I have access) but I won't add them to the total this month.

Sorry for the long post, I tend to ramble when I'm ramped up from exercise.
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