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The first week of work

Ok technically last week was the first week, but I spent it in San Jose California undergoing orientation and training.

"Drink the kool-aid."
'No, I won't drink it.'
"But you must Drink It."
'No, you can't make me!'
"It comes in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green."
'No ... Really? green? Say this isn't that bad'

I basically held out as long as I could but they wear you down eventually. And it is a good company to work for.

I'm the sole System Administrator for Build Services for Phoenix. That means that any new servers that get turned on, I'll be the one installing software on them (someone else gets to rack, power and cable them). Right now things are pretty light, it's the holiday season so there's a change freeze on. Nothing happens that might cause the website to go down an so make the company look bad. There's exceptions, I've got 60 servers on my plate to build this month because for various reasons doing so won't cause anything to crash. I'm also doing "break fixes", if I server dies, I fix it if possible, contact the vendor for repairs if not. In rare cases, some of the boxes can't be fixed as it's not cost effective to carry warrantee contracts on them, esp when there are hundreds of identical servers. In that case, I have a replace box put in, and build it like new.

Compare 60 in 12 days (7 work days because of the holidays) to the 600 I did in July (or was it 700 by time it was all done?) and you'll see that this is a walk in the park.

I welcome the reduced load, since in July I was only the contractor assisting Build Services, now I've got to do all the paperwork too, and there's a slight learning curve.

The hardest part of this is getting into work on time, 24 miles from home (give or take a few miles depending on route I take to avoid traffic) and the boss wants us in at 7AM. He's flexible on that, allowing for traffic, but 7AM is what he's asked for so it's what I shoot for.

I started out being a little late the first day (an hour to get in), then sleeping through the alarm because of insomnia (you know, you're up until 3AM, then when the alarm goes off at 5AM, you're so asleep you don't even hear it), traffic was a total nightmare and it took me about two hours to get in, so I called the boss and left a message on his voicemail... only to find out when I got in that he was out sick.

This made me determined to get in on time, I left before 6AM and hit the sweet spot in traffic, I'm cruised in around 6:20.

The rest of the week was just about perfect, I'm hoping that I've got it figured out now and will be able to slide in between 7:00 and 7:20 most days. I think that will keep the boss happy.

Not a lot I can say about work, there's a good group of people there and the main office (in San Jose) also has good folks that have been very helpful to me.

I wasn't going to mention who I'm working for, but now that I think about it, I did mention it in an earlier post (and the Kool-aid colors was a hint too) so what the heck!

I'm working for eBay, and doing builds for all of their various divisions and acquisitions: Paypal, Skype, Shopping.com, Rent.com, Verisign's Payment Gateway. If they have a presence in Phoenix, I'm responsible for them and eventually I'll be the guy that will have built them. (right now I think I've built about 20% of the systems in place, until things get busy enough for it to make sense to hire more help, that number will only go up.)

Next week will be a great week, eBay gives us Friday off with pay! What's not to like about a 3 day week?

Ok this was long enough for a cut, but my VSF suggested that I'd over used cuts and no one would be following them because I'd made too many folks click for just numbers. So blame her?
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