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A bit of a nightmare at the airport.

Evidently there's two elevators and by one of them the parking is only 4 hours (You Will Be Towed), good news is that I'd have seen those signs when I parked, bad news is I couldn't convince myself of that when I got off from the wrong elevator and spent 30 minutes frantically trying to find my car. Good thing the nice airport parking folks are used to it. They sent a guy out in a pickup to help me, he drove me all around the wrong area twice (area I'd already covered on foot) and then very gently steered over to the other side of the garage where "Surprize!" there was my car.

Can I count those heart pounding minutes as extra aerobic exercise for the day?

I am so tired I'm not going for a total though, I might edit it later though

20 2500

very short workout, I was so rushed this morning with packing and finishing up my training. I'm lucky to get that in.

Time for bed!
Tags: exercise, travel

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