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So what do we do about Joe?

I'm thinking, since he's most likely going to be indicted for illegal campaign activities (ok I was going to give you a link, like a real blogger, but firedoglake has turned off their archives for the night to reduce their server load, can't blame them. Hit FireDogLake in a day or so and do a search for Lieberman and you can catch up if you don't already know.) Do we move to throw him out now? or after the indictment?

I'd rather that folks start talking about it before the Senate divides up as 51 D/49 R and he formally changes parties to give control back to his beloved Republicans.

Speaking of Firedoglake, a shout out to the ever lovely Reddhead Christy Hardin-Smith, she's been part of the SFF.net community for ages and I for one am really thrilled that she's out there fighting for us. (yes it's a Crooksandliars link, I can only assume that FDL is saving their bandwidth and will no doubt have a link up when things settle down.)

Ah yes! and Cheers to Virginia, they fought the good fight to get this lying sack of ... cough, Allen out of power. He's now talking about how rights are protected in our country. Georgie boy, you don't know how right you are. And when the FBI comes knocking on your door to ask about the illegal voter fraud and intimidation you helped propagate... well you should thank your lucky stars that you have the right not to be just disappeared and forgotten in some horrible tropical torture prison. I still have family and friends in that state and I know they are appalled at what's been done there. Keep fighting guys, I'll do what I can.

Humorous endpoint. I checked, impeachlieberman.org is still available. I only didn't snag it because I'm not sure if he would need to be impeached, it's possible that he could just be indicted, convicted and shipped off to Gitmo and disappeared, thus leaving his seat vacant ... but his Gov is an R isn't he, I guess there's no chance he'd put up someone progressive.


About it for me. getting up Very early for more training.

Good luck America
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