ferragus (ferragus) wrote,

How the mighty have fallen

Back in my youth, I was a fan of Rusty Nails (Scotch Plaid, Double Scotch: 1 part Drambuie and 1 part scotch). I haven't had one in ages, and since my regular airline stopped carrying Drambuie, I was disappointed after getting off my last flight and in the mood for one.

So I picked up a bottle of Drambuie ... and when I got it home realised that I wasn't about to mix it with any of my single malts!

37 yr old Glen Alban? No way
30 yr old Glenfiddich? Not since I can't find it anymore.
18 yr old GlenLivet ... Maybe if I had any 12 around but not the 18.

So I went out looking for a passable blended... In Arizona, grocery stores stock liquor so I didn't have to go far. (Some even have very respectable 'house' labels', but that's another post). Probably a shame I didn't go a little farther, the store I went to had next to nothing for scotchs. Walker Red, and a couple of even lesser lights that I passed on, but they did have Chivas Regal.

Haven't had that in ages, and as I recall it was overpriced but not poisonous, and since it was on sale I figured why not.

I peeled off the foil and went to pull out the cork and was amused to find that it was a twist off top! Chuckled to myself and poured out a shot.

I unwrapped the Drambuie and to my shock, it is also now a twist off top!

The Rusty Nail is pretty much as I remember it, sweet, with kick and a nice smoky aftertaste. As I recall, a Cutty Nail was better though, I think I'll put the Chivas away for Philistines that come visiting and see if I can find some Cutty Sark.

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