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Happy 1st devISversary to Me!

It's been a year now since I started working at devIS (Development Infostructure http://www.devis.com) and I'm still happy.
My title is Internet/Network Security Architect but the job function is more Lead System Administrator and that's what I really like doing.

I've redesigned systems, setup new ones, implemented backups and set IT policy. Heck I've even gotten deeply involved in the evil underworld of Windows with an upgrade of the domain controller from Windows NT to Windows Server 2003 (W2K3) and a corresponding upgrade of the mail server from Exchange for NT to Exchange for W2K3. (I must admit that was as much of a nightmare as I'd feared!)

Currently I'm working with just about the rest of the office on a Very Big Proposal that if we win it, would get us heavily involved in Sun Systems (http://www.sun.com) for the first time. I'm pretty psyched about that because Sun was my bread and butter for a very long time when I worked at Cable & Wireless USA (No link here, they went bankrupt after they let me go!)

For those willing to go even deeper into geekiness, the development environment there is a dream come true, four stage implementation (sandbox to development to staging to production) with the last two stages controlled 100% by me! The company is very open to trying new things, and if something doesn't work out, there's not a lot of moaning and bitching over it, we just learn and move on. I guess since most of what we do is Open Source Software that does make that a little easier.

Drool points for the rest of the world: devIS is a small friendly company, spontaneous group lunches or evenings out are common, once a year there's a week long retreat (usually on the North Carolina Outer Banks) to plan for next years big projects and any changes in the way we do things (the whole sandbox development idea was announced and bought into at a retreat a year before I got there),

Pay is based on hours worked, if everyone's working 16 hour days to deliver a project, everyone gets paid for 16 hour days. Also the company has set up for every full time employee a SEP (Simplified Employee Pension) that they put 15% on top of your pay into it every month. This is 100% vested at the start, if I wanted to I could (pay the hideous penalties for early withdrawal) and pull it out and spend it today.

Benefits are based on a 40 hour week but paid on your full timesheet, let me explain:
If instead of 40 hours this week, you worked 44, then you earned a 10% bonus on all your accruing benefits, 10% more sick leave, 10% more vacation, and the 15% SEP is calculated on the full pay (you don't get 10% more parking space, or 10% extra over the reimbursement on your Internet bill ;) )

Other cool things about the company: It's growing, there's job security in a company that's expanding, even better it's growing slowly, we've added about 4 people since I got there. Telecommute isn't just an option, it's a way of life for some of the folks: The company has an official presence in NY, VA (Arlington and Roanoke), NC, but we also have folks that do 100% telecommute from Connecticut, Chicago, Denver and Sydney (yes Australia). Then there's training! Every year, every employee has a $2500 training budget to draw on, they can roll it over for 1 year and spend it all at a conference every other year or spend it on evening classes at the local university.

All in all it's easy to see why, although I still want to relocate to Arizona, I'm going to stay here until I get a job that's at least this sweet!


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