ferragus (ferragus) wrote,

Connus Reporticcus

L.A.Con IV (AKA WorldCon AKA The 64th World Science Fiction Convention was held last week from Wednesday through Sunday. Since I'm doing contract work and I don't get paid if I don't work, I was only there from Friday to Sunday

Friday's flight into SNA (John Wayne/Orange Country Airport) was thankfully uneventful. I got the hotel around 1PM and caught up with Sarah, Steven, Patrick and Maggie. I dumped my stuff in the room I was sharing with Patrick and followed him and Maggie down for some lunch, while S&S went off to Disney.

At lunch I ran into Frank Wu and said Erin Cashier Denton (Why aren't these folks on LJ yet? Must speak with them about this.)

Patrick pointed me to the Convention center (across the street) and I got my badge and hit the dealers room while trying to decide what to do first.

I ran into suricattus and wished her a Happy Birthday and decided to hit her panel COMMERCE & ART: CENSORSHIP OR COMMERCIAL REALITY at 4PM. It was a good panel with Suri taking the unpopular view that only a government can be a censor (but no! those mean publishers that are refusing to publish my wonderful Mary Sue work, their Sensors and so they're senxoring me! ... no it just means that your work sucks and you need to learn the proper use of the language and maybe a spell check?)

After that I met up with S&S and P&M (a reoccuring theme) in the bar (a reoccuring set!) for some snacks/dinner and hanging out. I ran into fionagh, rurouni_ben and jimor and caught up for a bit. Then I spotted a vision of loveliness searching for someone and sure enough it was deannahoak looking for Suri to buy her a birthday drink. About that time folks gathered for The Suricattus Birthday Bash! and I got to meet way too many nice folks. I was carrying single malt (of course, Macallen Cask Strength in particular) and shared with many a folk.

Eventually I poured myself back up to my room and crashed for the night. Only to wake up at (something stupid) so that I could meet Suri in the fitness center for a workout... But that's another rock

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