ferragus (ferragus) wrote,


First the numbers

31 3500

306 31700

Good solid numbers.

Saw my Dr for a massage today, it's more of a chiro adjustment. She puts wedges under me and pounds on my back until my spine slips back into alignment. I usually end up aching, but it does get the knots out and the pains and stresses I had going in are gone. (The aches are from the deep tissue and not the adjustment btw, for that part it's painless).

I just realised that I'll be slacker dude this weekend. I'm gonna go out of town Thursday night and won't be near any equipment until I get home Monday night. Fingers crossed it won't be too hot to walk where I'm going.

BTW I'm listening to KJZZ, they have a great website where you can get your current music from :)
Tags: exercise
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