ferragus (ferragus) wrote,

Bad Late Posting Tom

The good news is that I have been working out, just didn't have decent access at the con. I'll back date the numbers so that there's daily posts on the calendar, but for now here are

11 1300

215 23400

Another light day, but I was to bed after midnight and up at 4AM so I think that 10 minutes (basically) was better thn nothing.

35 2800

250 26200

(oddness explained)

What fun, I met up with suricattus in the hotel fitness center, since I had all that different equipment to chose from I did 15 minutes on the treadmill and 20 minutes on a recumbent bike. My step count is based on my cycling RPM, so it's probably off. The treadmill was probably a mistake, my heels are still hurting (heel spurs doncha know).

Sunday and more oddness
25 2000

275 28200

5 minutes treadmill, and 20 on the cycle. Again the numbers are probably a little off, I didn't watch the treadmill carefully enough to remember the step count (or even if there was one). However having used one again, I'm now really glad I didn't get one and went with the low impact elliptical instead.

Monday was a day off. I was hoping to workout, but I'm giving myself one day a week off, and with the zonked-ness factor of being the day after travel, I decided to go to bed early instead of staying up.

I've gotten in a partial set this morning, but in keeping with my normal practice I won't post that number until I've completed my evenings workout.

Bonus today, I've got a massage scheduled for early evening with my Dr!

More later! and maybe ... A Con Report!
Tags: exercise

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