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The Squeaky Wheel Gets hired

So, just the day before I was whining that I'd worked an 86 hour week

What I didn't mention was that I had a phone interview that same day. It looked like a good job, but I was holding off talking about it because phone interviews are usually just the first step and often don't really lead anywhere.

Boy was I wrong, about 24 hours later they called me up and offered me a job.

6 month Contract to hire (or extend contract at the employers option)
In Phoenix
No Mandatory Overtime (but I can, say, work 4 10 hour days to make up for taking a day off)
No On call (when I leave, I'm gone until the next work day)
so basically a normal 40 hour week would be expected.
But the really good part is that they'll be paying me the same net pay I'm getting now with Overtime!
That's nearly a 40% increase per hour.

Wah hoo!
Start date is Monday May 22nd.

The only down side is that it throws my Con going plans a major curve, I may have to skip another year of cons. But I'm going to try for at least doing Friday night, Sat and Sunday for Worldcon and WFC, we'll just have to see how things work out.

Maybe I'll be able to get some rest soon (in fact right now, since there's no way I'll let them work me 80+ hours per week in the next two weeks!)
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