ferragus (ferragus) wrote,

The Name of the Game

Am I really old when I say I remember that show? Bet most of my firends list never saw it. Heck I'll be most of LiveJournal never saw it!

OK so there was a new suggestion for a name for The Caravan this weekend, esp after we decided that there wasn't any way we could continue to call it the caravan. You see it's like this...

We went to a dog show in Scottsdale, and for shelter I picked up a fast setup tent/shade shelter, from a company called Caravan...

Herself and I needed to be there early each day, but the local friend of herself that drove them down from Flagstaff (150 miles north for those counting) didn't. Still she was concerned about finding the place so she decided to follow us over, we formed a caravan to do so...

Then there's the new series coming out by Jennifer Roberson call Karavans ...

So at one point we had the caravan in the caravan as we caravaned to the show and talked about Karavans.

Shortly after that our heads exploded!

So herself's suggestion from this weekend was ...


(If you're looking blank at this point check out the name I use for this LJ again...)

I kind of like it.

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