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As I was getting ready to take suricattus to the airport Monday after a great visit, I got a call from a "yet to be named Dot.Com that is still doing very well and growing".

They had three jobs for me to consider, I picked the one that looked the most fun, explained why I was passing on the others and fired off a resume.

Then nothing tomorrow. Ok no problem, these things take time...

Like until this morning, skipping over the phone interviews, I'm going straight for a face to face with the hiring VP! Today! This Afternoon!

(boy what a bad day to decide to skip shaving!)

Wish me luck folks, if it turns into an offer I'll post details and even name names, but it would be fun to see if anyone can guess who this is with.

(suricattus can't guess, she was there when I got the first call and so knows who it's with!)

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