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Everyone that knows me face to face, knows that I am obese.

It's something I've struggled with for decades, in 2000 I got stomach bypass surgery and lost 150 lbs. I had gained 70 of it back, but am again on the downward slope with my weight and have in fact lost 20 lbs since I moved to AZ. Hopefully I'll be able to keep losing and get back to that 150 lost or even better. I've done most of that loss by just walking, some days as much as 8 miles, but I try to walk at least one mile every day. All this is measured by the pedometer my honey got me last year.

I'm posting this in part to encourage my friends but also to head off what I'm sure will be a dozen well meaning emails from those concerned for me. Thanks guys, I love you all, but I've seen this already.

The nutshell version of the article is this quote from James Hill, head of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado at Denver:

"The message we need to give people is, get out and walk," said Hill, whose group America on the Move encourages walking and small cutbacks
in calories to lose weight. "Any speed is fine. Some speeds are better than others, but get out and do it."

To my friends that aren't happy with their current weight, (even you skinny folks that just think you've put on a few!) do what I did and am doing, get a pedometer, note what your daily steps are, and work on building it up. Start with the steps, it's a lot more satisfying to go from 800-3K steps a day to 2-8K a day then it is to go from 1/4 mile to 1/2 and not be able to do even the 1/2 the next day. Let it average out, you'll have days that just stink and you can't get out, but get back to it as soon as you can.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to walk around the office!

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