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First Day of Work!

Ok since I now have billable hours under my belt, I'll spill the beans.

I'm working!

I'm working with a recruiter called Spherion, on contract to IBM, on their contract to American Express. (pant pant pant).

Today was orientation and some training, tomorrow I should get my laptop, and maybe my ID's so I can do some real work. However they are willing to pay me at least 7 hours a day to just hang out and wait for ID's and stuff, so I can't complain too much.

Once I've got ID's and can log onto systems and do work I can expect to work 50 hours or more a week (all Paid*!) and regularly work two days remotely (like from Home or from Flagstaff).

I was grumbling about the pay rate, but they sweetened it a little bit (look for details in a friends only post soon, esp you deansavatar!) and with the Overtime I'll be taking home more thn I did in Virginia.

Of course I won't have any vacation or sick time. This doesn't mean that I can't make Glasgow and Interaction this summer, I've already saved enough to afford to take the time off and still make ends meet. However there's a big project finishing up August 1st (Interaction is the 4th for those that don't know) and I'll probably be involved in it. I'm going to wait until the end of the week, to see how things are going, before I ask if I can have off after that project is delivered for a week. If so, well cross your fingers! I really wanna go!

The job is not too far away from where I'm living now (I joke, but it really does seem that I'm 30 minutes from everywhere in Phoenix!) and the people seem nice, so sticking around for a while as I look for a permanent job with benefits won't be a major hardship.

Oh what am I doing? I'm a gatekeeper. The developers write code, hand it to me, I put it on the Development server. If it looks good, I move it to the Testing server where they beat the snot out of it. If it still looks good, I move it to Production (which might require working after 9PM) and as long as there's no surprises on that end, I start over with the next code push. The job title is Transition Integration Engineer.

I've streamlined it a lot, there's a lot of things to consider and systems to know and stuff like that, so I don't think I'll be getting bored soon.

So much for The First Day!

* yup, I've worked at places that didn't pay you for overtime, CACI was like that, claiming that all their IT folks were salaried employees and so not eligible for overtime pay. What a crock! But I was young and foolish back in those days, and just glad to have a job. Cable & Wireless (or Clueless & Witless if you prefer) did similar things to me when I hired on there, but I knew what I was giving up and I was getting some reasonably nice bonuses until the bottom fell out and they cooked their books so they looked bankrupt in the US and could shut it down. Bitter? who me? ;-)

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