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Well shucks

I was going to write a huge boring entry about my efforts in the job search, but that's all moot now.

I went and got a job.

It's a contract position, working for a recruiter, on contract to (Big Name Company), working on a contract they have with (Another Big Name Company). BNC likes to do that, then they can lay off all the contractors, end up with a great bottom line for the month/quarter and rehire the folks after the start of the next reporting cycle. Stock manipulation or just plain ol' greed, you decide.

So I won't be making this my long term career choice, but it's work, it pays pretty good and maybe, just maybe I can make it to Glasgow for Worldcon this summer. (Won't know for sure until I can talk to the manager with BNC, he seems pretty cool, I'll just explain that I've been planning for two years (true) to attend a family gathering (you guys are family to me!) in Scotland and would it be Ok if I took a week off, without pay (Ouch! but that's the deal with contract work).

Good news is that I haven't touched my severance pay and with any luck I won't so that will cover my wages for the missing week.

Meanwhile, I've still got a resume in to Big Shipping Company about a job as Security Architect, I'm getting interviewed by Big Banking Company Thursday for several positions that I'd fit in with, we were going to see which group I fit in best and decide then on the job for me. Both of these are encouraging as they are perm jobs, so there would be benefits and perks (but it's getting to be so close to Glasgow, that I might still have to take the time off without pay!). On top of those two are the fact that my recruiter is looking for a perm slot for me, plus I've got two, no four! other local recruiters shopping my resume.

So I'm set while I wait for that perfect real job to come along. I'll have enough money coming in that I can pay my bills indefinitely and while I might not be able to take 5 days and do the local cons, I can surely get off a little early on Friday and fly out to (wherever) to have fun.

Pretty cool huh?
(Not naming names, because I'm still superstitious about talking about it before it's completely settled, but at this point it's pretty much completely settled :)
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