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Travel with cats, final verse...

Many thanks to all that replied here, directly or on other forums! Both cats
and I arrived safe in just three days, the cats spent two nights at one of the
local Embassy Suites enjoying room service and spa treatments (well ok, they
were in their crate the whole time, just enjoying not being in a moving car,
but they did get room service (from me) and scritches (also from me) so that
the last 20 minute trip to their new home wasn't too traumatic.

The trip went well from our viewpoint, the cats settled in quickly with only
a little crying and didn't form the feedback loop with each other that I'd feared.

We did it without drugs too, they went into the crate the day of the final packing
and stayed there, so they were fairly subdued by the morning of the actual trip
so I figured I'd cross my fingers and hope for the best. That's what we got.

Kitty, the older one bounced back socially first, coming out in the morning
as usual to demand food and attention the very first night. Skitz was a little
more shaken and was hiding during the day and coming out to sleep with me at
night and eat. It's now just two weeks and she's finally spent the whole day
with me playing, sleeping near me and being herself.

Tomorrow the last of the furniture arrives, so there's a little more 'big scary
strangers moving things around' going to happen, but I'm hoping that she'll
recognize things and bounce back faster with more of her familiar stuff around.

(Oh one of the things I insisted on bringing with us directly, as part of the
load of things I couldn't live without was her cat tree. My brother thought
I was crazy, but she really went back to it fast as the top perch was her favorite
place to hang out.)

Thanks again from AZ!

TomP, Kitty and Skitz!

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