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BOFH moment

BOFH (Bastard Operator from Hell) moments are few and far between at the current job, it's just too much fun most of the time. Today I had a priceless one.

Recently we installed a new spam filter system, and are in the process of training it what is good mail and what is spam. I've set the rules high, so a lot of our good mail is getting flagged. The users (sorry, Lusers) just send of an email asking to have so-and-so@something.com added to the whitelist, and I get it done.

Someone made the mistake of reusing an old email, the subject of which was:
'"Junk" mail for this-user'

So I replied:
as per your subject I have permanently blacklisted the mentioned email, you'll never hear from that one again.

In fact, I've listed them on a new super secret international blacklist. As I write this, their accounts are being canceled, their credit ruined and their homes repossessed. Shortly a crack team of secret black ninja sysadmin-surgeons will abduct them, and surgically remove all technical knowledge they might have had and replace it with an unwavering belief in the factual basis of the Star Wars universe.

Just another example of your Sysadmin group at work!


Ahh it's good to be evil!
One more thing, I really like one feature of this filtering software, I can have all the spam redirected to a different email address. So who would we like to mail bomb today? Muahaha!

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