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So now that I'm here in Phoenix, AZ ...

I figured it was time for a new icon. So I give you ...

The Burrowing Owl.

I knew I wanted a picture of one, and there's dozens on the web, but alas there's this nasty thing called Copyright that evidently all this highly talented photographers insist on enforcing (BTW, I'm kidding, copyright is a good thing, folks should be paid for what they do and if you want to see some really nice shots of these birds in the wild (instead of in a habitat at the zoo) then do a google image search for Burrowing Owl and visit the fine folks out there trying to make a living off wildlife photography). So I decided to head down to the Phoenix Zoo and see if there were any Burrowing Owls awake around noon.

The Phoenix Zoo has a very nice aviary set up, with large cages for the various birds to roam around in and several are even big enough to wander around in yourself. In fact they have such a large habitat for the Burrowing Owls. There's at least two in there.

I'm going back to see the rest of the Zoo, there's lots of beasties I didn't see. Next month the Zoo starts opening at 7AM, which makes it perfect for my morning walks.

Still to come, my trip report out here, and maybe some updates on my job search. If anyone's interested still.

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