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AZ!! Um wow I'm Home!

So we flew out of Armadildo* this morning at 7AM local, and less thn 10 hours later, we're in Flagstaff! Things were more exciting there then usual, so it was decided that we'd not stay overnight and just headed down to Phoenix.

I got two nights in the Embassy Suites Biltmore for the price of one (Hilton Honors points are your friend!) and stand a very good chance of getting into the apartment a day early at least to start unloading.

The cats are happy in the suite, even though still in their crate, they've both flirted and asked for head skritches have eaten and drank some water in my site so I'm happy they aren't having too many problems... Oh and they just took care of the other end of that chain too! How lucky for me!

I got some pictures from the trip, but it will be a few days until I get them up, maybe mid week?

This looks like a reasonable internet connection, but I won't be promising anything until I'm settled in.

I have notes that could become a trip report, fer instance, yesterday we noticed that in going from Oklahoma to Texas we passed within 5 miles of Kansas. Since neither my brother nor me had been in Kansas we decided to detour.

As we turned back off old Rt 66 towards Interstate 40** and stopped at a traffic light, I opened my door, turned and firmly put my foot on the ground. "There, I've touched Kansas soil, so no one can say I was really here!" My brother has me pull over as soon as we make the turn. He gets out of the car, goes to the windsheild wiper, makes an un-needed adjustment to it and a few pointless gestures, and then climbs back in the car. "That's how you do that without looking like a lunatic." I nearly fell out of the car laughing.

More trip details, as soon as I can, Really!

Thanks all!


* you'll pay for that merlinpole, really you will!

** 44? I'm tired I'll check my notes later!

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