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Toss it out!

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Not bad?

deansavatar came over to help pack, he did the DVD's & tapes, the scotch! (Don't worry any bottle with less then 1/3 is set aside for drinking the next just short of two weeks) and Many Many books.

Oh and all the dishes, glasses and mugs!

(deviathan and son came over to drag us out to dinner, and ended up working too until, well it was late! We all did dinner at Ramano's Macaroni Grill. It's a chain which I've eaten at before with moderate success, this time, maybe it was the company or just me being dead tired, but it was really good!)

Today I do the office, maybe finish up the kitchen, tomorrow I do the bedroom. That should be strange, kind of like anti-packing for a con. (Let's see, I need something for interviews, something for every day, something for grubby, something for exercise and maybe some spare shirts and t-shirts so I'm not wearing the same thing everyday if I actually get work!)

The adventure continues!

But first, CAFFEINE!

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