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Cat Behavior

Kitty has her harness on, she didn't mind at all. In fact she didn't even get up and run away after I was done attaching it, she just went back to sleep.

Skitz came over to the desk begging for treats, which of course woke Kitty.

Kitty comes out with the harness too loose and slipped half way around her, I fix it and it rattles the name tag. Which bothers Kitty, she's now looking over her shoulder ever so often to see where the noise is coming from ;)

Oh and I put treats down for Kitty too, so Skitz stops eating hers and goes over to eat Kittys, but since she isn't done with the first batch, she has to protect them by stuffing all of Kittys in her mouth, then going back to hers, sitting on them while dropping the stolen ones on the ground and then eating them at a leisurely pace.

Silly cats!

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