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So today I was able to capture the crazy house cats and get them to the vet for shots and stuff for the trip to AZ in less thn three weeks!

Not too much damage to either me (one shredded shirt from an old job) or the wallet, and the cats are now hiding, no doubt plotting eveel revenge on my person.

I'm also equipped with AcePromazine and Amitriptyline on the medication front.

The Acepromo is a travel sedative, the cats will get one pill Monday to judge how long and how completely it zonks then out, then one twice a day during the trip. If they come out of it fast, I'll call back for advice and either go with two in the AM and one at night or two and two (or something else, who knows)

The Amitriptyline is an anti-anxiety med, kitty has been into the compulsive grooming for a while and managed to thin out her fur pretty well from her shoulders down, not bald, just you can see the pale skin showing through the black fur. The vet thinks that putting her on an anti-anx for 30 days might break the cycle of grooming, and be all she needs to get back to her fat, lazy well-furred self. I'll give that a try after the move.

Other thn that, the kids are in great shape and should be fine on the trip out.

So have Rabies cert, will travel!

(Oh look! Kitty is already out looking around curiously at the cat carriers, she's forgiven me already perhaps?)

Running off on errands, thn seeing "Sin City" tonight!


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