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Lunacon report-like post

So Friday morning, kalligraphy and I climbed into the Benz and drove up to NJ for Lunacon.

For quite a few years Lunacon had been held at the Rye Town Hilton AKA the Escher Hilton. If you think of a normal seven or so story hotel, set on the side of a hill, that is then told that because they are in the flight path of the local airport, they can't be any higher then three stories, the Rye Hilton might be the result. Especially if the architect (or the committee that redesigned it) decided to just slice it into three sections, lay them out side by side and connect them with long passages. Passages that mysteriously take you from the 4rd floor to the 7th floor, via a ramp that quite clearly goes down!

We (as in just about everyone I know from Lunacon) love the Escher Hilton! The Meadowlands Sheraton is not only not as fun, they seemed to have done their best to outright suck. I'll leave the rest of this rant for another post though, and concentrate on the good things.

We (kalligraphy and me if you've lost track) got in about 2PM, not bad time. Checked into our suite and after I went back down to get keys that actually worked, (where I ran into Dennis McCunney, he badged me for MaltCon 5.2 and thus officially started the drinking) headed down to the resturaunt for a bite. We were keeping an eye out for terrymcgarry and suricattus and other folk. Irongall shows up and shares my burger with me (it was large!) and then we wander into the bar to talk with folks. Suricattus is there, There's much rejoicing and catching up! And a little bit of drinking (Scapa 10 yr old, not too bad).

Panels happened, I got the Precious (a mini-flask, Thanks aynjel!), then a concert and I went back to the suite to hang out and eventually crash.

Saturday more shenanigans, panels, hanging out and having a good time. Dinner was special, 11 of us, went to a Very Authentic Family Italian restaurant (Capriccio's in North Bergen). Those of you who've known dpva and me for a while have heard the story of how we found Capriccio's via the GPS in my car and some very unusual events. (It was a pill box in a war zone, but there were Cadillacs, Benzs, Lincolns and Jaguars in the parking lot, and inside all the wait staff spoke Italian!) The neighborhood is getting cleaned up as a new train station is being built, and the Restaurant looks a bit better then it did back then, oh and not all of the staff speaks Italian, but the food was still very good.

Back to the Hotel, and Poker & Scotch! We had two tables of poker going, decent setups with clay chips and everything, and for the scotch tasting, we had nearly 250 years of scotch! (37 yr old Glen Alban, 25 yr old Balvenie and so on. Folks were respectful of the liquor, you don't drink that level of potable to get blitzed, you drink it to honor the malt.

Very fun night!

I played until 3AM, and ended up $4 and change up. Not too shabby.

Sunday we did an early breakfast (well 9AM, but that's early when you get to bed around 4+AM), I caught suricattus & kradical in one last panel and then off we (dpva and I) went!

Dinner at Mastori's in Bordentown, NJ. Mastori's used to be a really great restaurant, but the last few times we've been there the food has been very poorly prepared, usually overdone to the point of inedibilty. However their fresh bread is still wonderful! Next time we're out that way, we'll just get the bread and drive on.

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