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Travel tips

Before you sell your car (because after you move 2400 miles it would be worth less because of the drive), it's a very good idea to check out that assumption using the Kelly Blue Book or some other online service.

I checked the value locally, and was resigned to the numbers, then I added 4000 miles to the current odometer reading and checked the value in Phoenix. I'll make $3K if I sell it there! Ok I'll have to put new tires on it to get it there, but I was thinking of doing that to sell it anyway.

Go figure!
(No I haven't found work yet, but I'm pretty much decided that I'll be better off looking from out there. I can coast for 6 months, longer if I get a nice tenant for my condo here in VA, say kalligraphy! how'd you like to pay my rent? :)
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