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New Neighbors

So this morning, I was dreaming, having a pretty good one about doing something difficult and whittling it away so that it looked like I was going to get the task down. Really vague on details, because it was pushed out of my mind by the way I was woken up.

At 6:30 AM

Very Loud Music. So much so that I could hear it way down the hall.

Now this happened last week too, and I was annoyed, but since I was getting up early for the drive to Dreamation with kalligraphy it wasn't a big deal.

So I went down the hall and rang the bell. Thinking maybe they were asleep, I waited a minute and rang it again, heard voices inside and then the rat bastards turned the music UP!

F that! I'm pissed now.

So I went down to the front desk to see if they wanted to do something before I called the cops. The security guard working the night was happy to come up to and see what he could do. Turns out that he saw them come in not long ago and they were drunk. Even better.

So he rings the bell, then bangs on the door and the neighbor on the other side steps out and says that she's complained to them too.

Finally someone answers. "Oh ok" and they turn it down. Damn them for opening the door without turning it down first! They asked something about is it Ok to play loud until 11PM? Hell No! Often as not I'm up at 4AM or earlier for work. The condo rules are that if you're music or TV can be heard from outside then it's too loud. I think all things considered that's a pretty good rule, though if you'd asked me 20 years ago I might have been a little more upset with that limitation.

The thing is that the place is pretty well built, you can hear more out the doors (normally) then through the walls, and if your door is closed there can be a lot of noise in the hall that you can't hear. I know that I've had the sound up a bit and so have the older neighbors but no one complains about the hall, as long as you can't hear it inside your place.

We'll see if this is the end of it, be nice if it was, but I'll bet that I need to do this again.

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