July 28th, 2009


Duncan is home! Thanks for all your good thoughts!

He's eating (ok a tiny portion of bran mash, which is as disgusting as it sounds!) but he's home!!

and when he got home he was promptly put in his stall (what? you closed the door! that's not supposed to happen) and the SO and I clean swept his ENTIRE PADDOCK!

Let me explain. SO keeps it very tidy, but Poop happens, (Yay for Poop!). It either gets tossed outside of the paddock to dry out and fertilize the entire back yard (exercise area) or it gets dashed on the ground to break it up so that the flies won't have a breeding/hatching area. Thing is that horses are very inefficient at digesting feed, so what comes out, is nearly as nutrious as what goes in, and for a horse on very light feeding, it's more then can be ignored.

So we raked and swept his paddock while he was in the stall and let him out. And there was much rejoicing!

He's not 100% out of danger, but his displaced colon righted itself (Honestly my quick google agreed with what the first vet said, that pretty much doesn't happen!) Second vet said he was optimistic that once he got enough mineral oil into Duncan that it would do that and thanks to all your good thoughts it did!

Miracle Horse!!

BTW the icon is Himself and what the heck, here's a really impressive normal picture of him too!

Duncan trotting

BTW more pictures of Duncan and his amazing backstory can be found

ETA: fixed that broken link at the end