February 17th, 2009

AZ Burrowing Owl

for my Gluten free friends

A special person in my life is Gluten intolerant, so I've been looking for Delimex Beef Tamales for her (a fave). None. Nada. Zip. And in Albuquerque NM no less. (Ok that's like looking for Frozen Cheesesteak Subsitute in Phily, but go with me here.)

So I left a comment on the Heinz website (they own Delimex now, perhaps the worse website in the world as far as product information goes).

Today I got a response. 10 points out of 10 for Heinz! They sent me everything I asked for, everything I should have asked for and a recipe too. Still the worse website ever, but good job of customer service!

Full text of message is below cut for those interested in GF products:
Collapse )
Only at Target in ABQ, go figure!

Book pimpage day

Looks like everyone is talking about books today, so I thought I'd join in.

A little while back ( here if you're looking) I mentioned how connerybeagle's Mom had a new book out.

and linked to the handsome cover thusly:

Well the new news is that it SOLD OUT!! and the bigger news is that IT'S GONE TO A SECOND PRINTING!!

So thanks to everyone that purchased a copy and encouragement to all that are waiting. Reports are that it's listed as in stock again, so it looks like a very fast (in my opinion) turnaround on the reprint.

Yay! Or even BAWHHHH!

(you can order a copy for yourself here.)
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