December 29th, 2006

Frozen AZ

Hippo Birdies!

(It's early, but most folks are probably checking LJ from work as things wind down today and won't look until after New Years so ...)

To the wonderful and glorious quarkwiz!

Merry New Year and Happy Birthday!

Frozen AZ

Pedometer calibration

So I just got back from counting steps.

I'd wondered about my Christmas numbers, they were kind of high.

But I checked it, walked 100 steps counting and it showed up as 104, walked another 100 and it was 95, so I think it's pretty close over all.

I think what might have thrown it off was all playing around I did with my new Christmas toy ... Oh I haven't posted about that yet!

Looks like I'll need another rock!

Christmas Present

So a little extra money came my way this year and I picked up a new toy

The Dyson DC17 Animal
This is THE vacuum cleaner. Friends have had them for years (cardigirl and corgwyn to name at least two) and really like them. I've used one on occasion and can only say that it really kicks butt.

A while back I was watching one of those odd little pieces on Sunday Morning, where the reporter was covering the big vacuum cleaner races. The contest was to see who could get up the most dirt from a fixed area of carpet in a fixed time. They measured it not by how much was in your bag or container, but by how much dirt a special vacuum could get up after you were done. That vacuum as the Dyson.

This picture doesn't really do it justice as the top is a very deep metallic royal purple.

Geeky Joy!

(Edit: fixed picture link)

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