November 29th, 2006

Frozen AZ

"and where were you last night?"

First tonights numbers

30 4200

820 108000

Ok were I was was sleeping. I had a massage appointment* Tuesday night and it ran late, I got home late and since my workout on Monday had keep me up until 1AM (late workouts do that) and I get up at 5AM for work (yes, ouch, but I just do)
I got very little sleep and decided that since as of tonights workout I've COMPLETED MY MONTHLY GOAL!!! I could take a day off and get some rest :)

820 102500 820 108000 100.00% 105.37%

The first two numbers are my goals, in minutes and steps, the second two are my actual totals, and the last two are my percentage complete.


Gotta do something tomorrow and finish the month nicely over goal.

*yes it was one of those bring tears to you eyes deep tissue massages, I've had a crick in my shoulder for the longest time. The Dr fixed it for me and suggested that I do some stretching when I've Finished my workout ... Why the heck didn't I think of that?

Off now to stretch and shower!