June 30th, 2005


Holy Highways! I was there!

Truck chase ends on airport runways

I was in a rental car for a few days this week, and decided to drop it off today at lunch. The rental place was at (near) the airport, and I remember hearing the radio idiots talking about a non-chase in the area, non-chase because the police broke off pursuit when it looked like it was going to turn into a high speed chase through city street.

Glad to hear that they got the guy, not surprised that the car was stolen because someone left it running at a gas station. I think the airport should sue that guy for damages since his stupidity caused his car to be stolen in the first place.

Oh! The rental, it was a Chrysler Crossfire Convertible, and if you look on the webpage, they have a picture of me driving the car!
Look, it's me, really black convertible, desert scenery, ok the hair's too short, but it could have been the same car, honestly!

And yup, it can be too hot to drive a convertible. I'd have to say that happens around 106 or so. Still it was a fun car, and now I can go back to driving my SUV and be happy.
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