May 9th, 2005

AZ Burrowing Owl

VA to AZ in 60 hours Pt 1

Before the cut, let me just say that AAA and their TripTix map service is a godsend. If you're planning a major trip, join up, get them to send you the TripTix for your route and all the related tourbooks to help with where to stay and you can't go wrong (heck I think the postage on that package alone was equal to my membership for the year!) We didn't try the Lodging Line, but it was good to know that it was there if we didn't find something we liked. Also just walking in off the street and saying AAA was enough the first two nights and the last night I used Hilton Honors points to get a free nights stay so we scored pretty well then too.

Ok now the first rock Collapse )

Well that's the first day, 14 hours, 735 miles, and a little less thn 65 gallons of gas (yeah that's not even 12 MPG! The SUV is a pig, and towing a trailer only made it worse. The good news is that the big V8 and full time four wheel drive made towing that trailer effortless.)

Not sure if I'll make the second post tonight or not, the furniture that I had shipped is arriving tomorrow and I want to make sure that everything is out of the way (like the cats!)

Fast job search update: I've gotten a followup call on the interview I had last Friday, they want a face to face and are flying out here to see me. That sounds really good, the only bad part being that they won't be here for another 10 days.

There's also other things working I'd really like to go to that face to face with another job offer in my back pocket.
AZ Burrowing Owl


Stolen from amyirene_40 who got it from kristine_smith who ... this could take a while ;)

I am:
an Ibico</font>® KomboTM lever-operated punch for making a row of rectangular holes in a stack of paper and fitting a plastic "comb" binding into them
If you haven't seen one in use, you'd probably have no idea what it is.

Which office supply are you?

Well it's me, and now I finally know what it's called!
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