April 16th, 2005



The loading went well, everything is packed and most of it's in the pods.

Problem, I could use another pod. Not sure if I can get one at this late date, but we'll see.

I'm also considering just shipping my dining room chairs out to Phoenix. It would be cheaper then a second pod, and I might even see them sooner this way.

Thanks to everyone that helped, Now I'm going to get some sleep!


(oh but first:
Zokutou word meter
9,000 / 9,000

Bogus numbers, but I am done!) of course when I get to Phx, I'll have another 3000 things to toss out!)
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Bad Human! Bad

So a few days back I put a harness on Kitty the sleeping cat as prep for the move. Brief stress, but once I let go of her she wasn't upset enough to even get up and move.

Today I got the harness on Skitz... she fled the room. Then she came running back, as the Thing was following her! And it's making noise too! (the tag rattles when she runs) Oh how horrible!

She'll make me pay for this, I'm sure.
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