March 29th, 2005

Frozen AZ

And the interview went...

pretty well.

I was ontime, hit it off with the HR and Director of Ops and Systems (who would be my boss). Asked some good questions about the job and company and didn't bobble any that were tossed my way.

The next step is a face to face with a corporate VP, I'll hear if I've made that cut sometime next week.

now, having just flown the redeye back to DC and my current job (where I'm really glad I only have 2.5 hours more to do on this half day shift) I'm trying to zombie along until noon when I can go home, uppack, pick on the cats and sack out!

Thanks for all the good wishes! Please keep your fingers crosses (at least virtually) for a little longer!
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Home Home

So my half day at work is over, the brother has taken me to lunch and then home from work and the cats have nearly forgiven me for not being around to pester.

Time for a shower and a short nap, then I'll have to stay up until 11PM tonight to fight off the time lag.

(No not LAG, lag, silly meerkat!)
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