March 22nd, 2005



I was off work Monday, so I figured it was a good time to take the cats to the vet and get their shots updated and have them checked out before moving them to AZ.

Skitz (the younger cat) had other ideas. I got a hold of her, but she decided she wasn't going into the carry and darted before I could get it closed. She then led me on a merry chase around the apartment, staying just out of reach until it was too late to make the appointment.

So I called in and canceled and rescheduled for Friday next (this Friday I'll be in AZ heading for a Job interview!), but she still wouldn't come out of hiding. I was getting worried that I'd pushed her over the edge, she was always very scared of other people, but OK around me, if she started to consider me just someone else to be afraid of, life would suck.

But then late last night, she crept out to give me a few whaps with her paw (which means either "feed me" or "pay attention" depending on some mystical cat logic). So I gave her a few treats, she seemed to have forgiven me, but then I knew for sure.

She promptly coughed up the treats on the rug right in front of me!

It's so nice to be forgiven!
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