September 30th, 2004

AZ Burrowing Owl

Watch the debates on C-SPAN!

Not just because it's coverage of the debate and not coverage of the talking heads watching the debates, but also because you'll see the whole thing!

I was upset because I'd heard that the debate rules would prevent you seeing the other person when someone is talking. Now that might sound like common courtesy to look at the man that's talking, but I was really suspicious that when the camera wasn't on Bush, his handlers would run out and put in a new tape or something to prepare him for any surprises in the event. (Okay not Really, but I did think it likely that we'd catch him looking befuddled or even looking at crib sheets).

Well C-SPAN1 is showing a split screen of both candidates for the whole event! C-SPAN2 will be showing just the speaker.


There's still some places you can get the News.
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