June 16th, 2004


Zen whackiness

Chuang-Tzu says "The true sage pays no heed to mundane affairs... He adheres, without questioning, to the Tao. Without speaking, he can speak; and he can speak and yet say nothing. And so he roams beyond the limits of this dusty world.

Confucius says "That Chuang-Tzu, what a wild man!"

(Ok I put Confucius in modern idiom, what he's actually quoted as saying is "These are wild words", but I really get the feeling that Chuang-Tzu was considered quite the party animal!)

From the Zen Calendar by pageaday.com
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I stole this from karenetaylor and nick_kaufman

What kind of disease are you?


ferragus is caused by Satan.

An infection of ferragus will cause you to become a Jedi.
The only known cure for ferragus infection is to become dark lord of the sith, ala Darth Vader.

If I have to be a disease, this is a pretty cool one to be.
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