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Ok this is a really lame post, but it's the end of the first week of December and I've posted nothing!

Next week kalligraphy and I'm heading up to Philcon (Sorry the sites messed up right now, maybe it will work when you try?) next Friday afternoon. Maltcon '04! (where a bunch of nice folks sit around the lobby of the Philcon hotel and drink single malt scotch. I'd list who I'm going to see but it's easier just to go to my friends list :) (Hugs to those that aren't going to make it, I'll catch you soon somewhere else).

Dec 22nd, I'm out to AZ to visit my (honey|SO|special person|light of my life) and will be staying until Jan 3rd, so I get to spend both Christmas and New Years with her and the heathens (her lovable dogs). Look for a friends only post of the heathens opening their Christmas presents!

So I'll be packing and cleaning and stuff between now and then. Hope I see a lot of you between the trips to Phily and AZ!

Happy Holidays


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