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Election verification

I know a lot was made of the fact that there was no paper trail for the e-voters, but I got to thinking this morning. There is a paper trail, of a sort.

In every precinct that I've voted for the last nearly 30 years, there is a registered voter sheet, with the names of everyone that is allowed to vote. A poll working will look your name up on that sheet, then mark in some fashion that you've voted and give you a token to present to the person overseeing the voting machines. Sounds familiar to most of us, right?

Well that's our paper trail! If the precinct sheets show that (to pick a number) 12000 people voted, and the total votes counted are only 9000, then 25% of the populace was disenfranchised! I'd buy that a certain number of folks would do so voluntarily by declining to vote in a race where they saw no choice but the lesser of two evils, but I'd be very surprised if that number was less then a few points.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, please contact you local election officials and ask if they can provide this information, if they say no, then contact the ACLU or some similar group. Ideas on who to call are welcome.

I'm really concerned that the huge turnout I saw yesterday at the polls, hasn't shown up in the votes, add to that the very wrong exit polling and you have to smell a rat in there somewhere.

Thanks for listening/reading my rant!

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